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hyrydarhyry:da:rn1admirer, lover (of), enthusiast (for), worshipperOwadan gyzyň hyrydary köp bolar.A beautiful girl will have many admirers.2consumer3purchaser, buyer4shopper
hysyrdynbustle, fuss, trouble, bother
hyşanplume grass
hytaý1nChinese man, Chinamanhytaý aýalyChinese, the Chinese woman2adjChinesehytaý diliChinese, the Chinese language
hyýalhyýa:ln1thought, idea2fantasy, imagination
hyýanathyýa:natnharm, malice, injury, evilhyýanat etmekto do harm
hyzmatn1service, favourhyzmat etmekto serve, serve (as something)husga bolup hyzmat etmekto serve as an exampleNäme hyzmat?What can I do for you?biriniň hyzmatynda bolmakto be at one's service2merit, desert, credit3service, workhyzmat ediş býurosyservice bureaukommunal hyzmatlarpublic utilitiesOlaryň watanyň öňündäki hyzmaty uludyr.They have performed great services for their homeland.
hyzmatçynservantotag hyzmatçysychambermaid
hyzmatdaşlyknco-operation, collaborationýakyn hyzmatdaşlykdain close collaboration
hyzmatkärnservanthyzmatkär aýalmaid, servant, housemaid, maidservant