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häzirlenmekv1to get prepared, get ready2to be about to do something3to have nearly completed an action, nearly finished
hiç1unknownnone, nothing2not, no, not at allhiç haçancomp.advneverhiç haýsycomp.advneither, none of them, nobodyhiç hilicomp.Pronounnot any, none, no kind ofhiç hili täzelik ýok.There isn't any news.Hiç hili rol oýnanok.It is of no importance. It doesn't matter at all.hiç kimcomp.Pronounnobody, no onehiç wagtcomp.1advneverOl hiç wagt ýalan geplemändir.He never told lies.hiç ýerdecomp.advnowherehiç zatcomp.Pronounnothing, nothing at allhiç zatsyz galdyrmakto be left with nothinghiçden giç ýagşy.comp.advBetter late than never.
hijrinhidjra (Muslim lunar calendar)hijri ýyl hasabyMuslim chronologythe beginning of Muslim chronology
hikirdemekvto giggle, to titter, to snigger
hilhi:ln1quality, capacity; property2kind, sort, type, characterOl bir hili adam.He's a bit odd.her hili adamlarall sorts
hilegärhi:legäradjcunning, sly, crafty, wilyhilegär adamcunning person
hilegärlikhi:legärlikncunning, guile, craftiness, wilehilegärlik etmekto use cunning/guile, to dissemble
hillilikhi:lliliknqualityýokary hillilikhigh-quality
himikiadjchemicalhimiki elementchemical elementhimiki birleşmechemical compoundhimiki usulda arassalamadry-cleaning
himiýa'himiýanchemistryhimiýa kabinetichemistry laboratory
hinhi:nnden, lair, hole, form, burrowgarynja hiniant-hill
HindinIndianHindi aýalyIndian woman
hiňňildiknswinghiňňildik uçmakto swingfor Gurban Baýram (festival)- young people swing away their sins on a plank suspended from a large metal frame
hojanholy man
hojalyk1neconomy2nfarm, small-holding, economic unit, business organisationiri hojalyklarge-scale farmkollektiw hojalykcollective farm3household, familyöý hojalygyhousekeepinghojalygy ýöretmekto keep house, be occupied with one's household4sector of the economyoba hojalygyagriculture, farming, rural economytokaý hojalygyforestryhalk hojalygynational economy
hojalykçynmanager (of an enterprise), owner, housewifeöý hojalykçyhouse keeper, house wife, house husband
hojaýynnlandlord, master, owner, proprietor, innkeepermyhmanhananyň hojaýynyinnkeeper, landlordöýüň hojaýynymaster of the house
holadvthere, right therehol adamthat manhol günthat day
hopukmakvto frighten, scare, startle
hor1nchoir, chorus
hor2ho:radj1thin, lean, skinny, slim, scrawnyhor adamthin manhor bolmakto be lean/thinhor malscrawny animal2poorhor ýaşamakto live in poverty, be in need of somethinghor düşmekbecome povertyhor-zarcomp.ho:r-za:radjimpoverished, needyhor bolmakto be in need of something, be hard-up
horazncock, roosterhoraz jüýjecockerel, young cockhoraz kekejicockscombhoraz urşycock-fighting