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habarcfinformasiýan1news, information, intelligence, message, reportsoňky habarlarthe latest newshoş habargood newshabar bermekto inform, notify, send a message2inside/intimate knowledge, inside informationOnuň habary barHe is in touch (with the situation).; He has his finger on the pulse.Habarym ýok.I don't know anything about it.3predicategrammarhabar gatmakcomp.address
habarçyn1correspondent, journalist, reporterýörite habarçyspecial correspondent2messenger, courierhabarçy ibermekto send a messenger3informant, informer
habardarhabarda:radj1notified (about), informed (about), advisedhabardar etmekto notify, inform, advise, send a message, let somebody know2competent, knowledgeable (about), versed (in), conversant (with), 3careful, cautioushabardar boluň!take care! be careful!
habarlaşmakvto touch base, exchange news, get together for a chatIşden soň habarlaşaly.Let's touch base after work.
haçncrossgyzyl haçred crossGyzyl Haç we Gyzyl Ýarymaý jemgyýetiRed Cross and Red Crescent Society
haçanadvwhen, wheneverSen haçan geljek?When will you come?hiç haçannever
haçjanpole, cane
haçlyadjcrossed, with a crosshaçly ýörişThe Crusades
hadyshady:sna legend about The Prophet Mohammed religious
hadysaha:dy:san1event, case, incident, accident, adventuregeň hadysaunusual event2phenomenon, occurrencetebigy hadysalarnatural phenomenon
hajnHajj (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca)religious
hajatha:jatnneed, necessity, requirementHajaty ýok!There's no need!durmuş hajatythe necessities of lifecolloq
hajathanaha:jatha:nan1lavatory, toilet, latrineBrit2restroom, bathroomAmer
hajynhajji (also hadji, Hadji) - Muslim male who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca. The title of same.religious
hažžyknlizard, gecko
hak1ntruth, veracityhak aýtmakto tell the truth2adjtrue, right, correctBu hak.It is true.Siziňki hakYou are right.hak sözright word3nsake, benefit4nright, prerogativehaky bolmakto have a righthakym ýok.I have no right (to do something).ses bermäge hakto have right to voteMeniň işlemäge we zähmet çekmäge hakym bar.I have right to work.5npay, salary, wagegulluk hakypayment for services renderediş hakyearnings, wages, pay, salaryhak talap etmekto demand wagebir günlük iş hakydaily pay, daily wageGowy işleseň, gowy hak alarsyň.If you work hard, you will be paid well.Meniň hakymy ber.Give me my pay.6nshare, part, portion, lot, payment, installmentmeniň hakymy berto give my sharemirasdan hakly bolmakto have a share of the inheritance/estatehak-hesipcomp.n1settling (with), settlementhesip geçirmekto settle (with)2settling (with)hak-hukukcomp.hak-huku:knlegal rightshak-hukuklycomp.hak-huku:klyhak-huku:klyadjwith rightshakyny alyp bermekcomp.vto take up his/her causehakyňy gidermekcomp.vto lose your order
hakdacfhakyndapostabout, concerning, regarding
haklamakv1to justify, warrant, deserve, vindicateene süýdüni haklamakto deserve your mother's confidence2fulfil, carry out, undertake
haklaşmak1to require a reckoning, pay back2to take revenge
hakydahaky:danmemory, recollection, remembrancehakyda gelmekto rememberhakyda salmakto rememberEger hakydamdan çykmadyk bolsa.If my memory doesn't fail me.Ony haçan görenim hakydama gelmeýär.I do not remember when I saw him
hakykathaky:katn1truth, veracityobýektiw hakykatobjective truthhakykata ýetmekto arrive at the truthhakykaty aýtmekto tell the truthOnuň gelmejegi hakykat boldy.It was true that he will not come.2reality, actuality
hakykatçyhaky:katçyadjtruthful, upright, straightforwardhakykatçy adamupright man