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deprekndrumdepregiň sesithe sound of a drummusic
dernsweatdere batmakto break out in a sweat, perspireder dökmekto work hardgara dere batmakto break out in a sweat
derbi-dagynderbi-da:gynadvdefeatderbi-dagyn etmekto break something up, rout (an army), defeat someoneOlar duşmany derbi-dagyn etdiler.They defeated their enemy.
derenvalley, canyon, wadiPerhaps without water flowing at the bottom, except during sudden rainfall.
dereginepostinstead of, in exchange for, in order tobaşganyň deregine işlemekto work instead of another personÝiten kitabyň deregine iki kitap bermeli.two books should be given in exchange for the one that was lost.
derejecfkategoriýan1level, degree, standardOnuň aýdýan sözleri bilim derejesini görkezýär.His vocabulary indicates his level of education. Meniň gyzgynym 39 derejä ýetdi.My temperature has risen to 39 degrees. 2rank, position, post, level, measureOl öz derejesini bilýän adam.He knows his place.Biziň gatnaşygymyz ýokary derejede.Our attendance is at a high level.3degreeakademik derejesiacademic degreealymlyk derejesiscience degree 4voiceişlik derejeleria verb's voicesypatlaryň deňeşdirme derejesithe voice of adjectives of comparisongrammar
derek11postinstead of, in place ofOňa derek muny alaý.Take that one instead (of this one).2nusefulness, use, function
derek2npoplar treedik boýly derekstraight poplarak derekwhite poplar
derek3nnewsGeçen uruşda ýiten agamdan hiç derek ýok.There is no news as to who lost in the last war. derek tapmakto search outderegi dargamakto be destroyed at the root
derin1skin, hideIr säherdäki şöhle adam derisine peýdaly.The morning sunlight is beneficial for man’s skin.deri keselleriskin diseasederisine saman dykmakthe hide was stuffed with strawDiýenimi etmeseň deriňe saman dykaryn.If you do not listen to me I will stuff your hide with straw.2leathergymmat sütükli deriexpensive leather
derlemekvto sweat, perspireMen çaý içip derledim.I was perspiring through drinking tea. Aýnanyň ýüzi derläpdir.Ayna’s face was damp with perspiration.
dermanderma:nn1medicine, drug, tonicderman içmekto take one's medicinederman bermekto give/administer medicinedag howasy jana dermanmountain weather is a tonic for the soulSeniň her sözüň maňa derman.Your every word is a tonic to me.2fertiliser
derman tabletkasycftabletkanpills, tablets (medicine)
dermanhanaderma:nha:nanchemists, pharmacy, drug store
dermanlykderma:nlykadj1medicinaldermanlyk otlarmedicinal herbs2trifling, small (amount)
derňemekv1to inspect, check, examine, investigatebölümiň işini derňemekto investigate the work of departmentişi derňemekto investigate the case2to parse, analysesözlemi derňemekto analyse the sentencegrammar
derňewn1assessment, check, inspection, examination, check-up, verification2inquiry, investigation Onuň işi derňewde.His work is under assessment.derňew geçirmekto conduct an investigationBu edarada derňew geçirildi.An investigation was conducted in this office.3parsing, analysis, researchgrammatik derňew geçirmekto parse something grammaticallyylmy derňewscientific analysesderňew guramalaryorganisation of analysesgrammatik derňew geçirmekto make grammatical analysesgrammargram
derňewçininspector, investigatorOl maliýe meselesinden derňewçi bolup işleýär.He works as a financial investigator.prokuroryň derňewçisiprosecution counsel
derrewadvquickly, in no time at all, immediately, at once, right now
ders1nsubject (for study etc.), lesson, topicderslerine gowy ýetişýän okuwçythe pupil who studies well in his subjects
ders2nsubject, topic
ders3nmanure, dungekinlere ders bermekto fertilise
dertn1disease, pain, illness, ailmentdert ýamany - garrylyk. (Nakyl)The worst illness is old age. (Proverb)2grief, difficulty, bitterness, emotional sufferingBu iş maňa dert boldy.This work caused me a lot of grief. Meniň derdim başymdan agdyk.I am already overloaded.derdini paýlaşmakto share his grief derdi özüne ýetikhis work is difficult for him
dertdeşadj1having the same illness2sympathetic, sharing each other's worries and concerns