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daýhançylykdaýha:nçylyknagricultural labourdaýhançylyk etmekto labour on a farm or in an association of agricultural labourers
daýzanaunt (maternal)
-de1cf-dä-da2conjunctionsfxand, though, but
degeradjreal, actual, practical
degerliadj1convincingdegerli delillerconvincing evidencedegerli jogap bermekto answer convincingly2due, necessary, needed3effective, usefuldegerli çäreler görmekto take effective measures
degirmennmillsuw degirmeniwater millbiriniň degirmenine suw guýmakto bring grist to someone's milldegirmen daşstone millel degirmenihand mill
degişliadj1belonging to, connected withdöwlete degişli baýlyk2concerning, related to, affectingMediniýete degişli meselelere az üns berilýär.tekste degişli soraglarquestions related to the text3appropriate, proper, fittingdegişli çäreler görmekto take appropriate measures
degişmekvto joke, tease, crack a joke, wind someone upcolloq
degmekv1to be worth Bu kitap okanyňa degýär.This book is worth reading..fig2to bother, disturb, be affected byMaňa degme!Leave me alone!3to offend, hurt, upsetgöwne degmekto offendKim seniň göwnüňe degdi?Who offended you?4to give someone a good talking to, to tell offÝygnakda oňa mazalyja degdiler.He was told off at the meeting.5to joke, have fun, play a jokebirine degmekto play a joke on someone
dek1advonly, just
dek2postas if, like, similar tobal dek süýjisweet as honeyýyldyrym dek çaltfast as lightning
dek3advquietly, calmly
deladj1strange, foreigndel adamstranger, outsider2rare, scarcedel haryta scarce commodity
delalatdela:latn1support, help, usedelalat soramakto ask for helpdelalat tapmakto find help/supportdelalat etmekto help, support2escape, way out
delildeli:l1nproof, evidence, argument (intellectual), reasoningdelil getirmekto furnish evidencedelil bolup hyzmat etjek serişdethe thing which provides proof2foundation, cause, basis
delillendirmekdeli:llendirmekvto prove, demonstrate, argue, seek to provebir zady praktikada delillendirmekto prove something in practiceylmy esasda delillendirmekto argue scientifically
dellekçinbarber, hair-dresser, beautician
dellekhanadellekha:nanbarbers, hair-dressers
delliknshortage, scarcitykäbir harytlaryň delligiscarcity of some commodity
demnbreathdem almakto breatheOl uludan dem aldy.He breathed deeply. demiňi dürsemekto breath calmly bir demdeat the momentdemiňi sanap ýatmakto be very sickiň soňky demiňe çenliuntil the end of your last breathdemiňi almazlykto be silentşol that momentdem alyşunspec. comp. formnbreathing
demircfpolotniron, steeldemir ýolrailway, rail roadKöýtendagda demir magdany bar.There is an abundance of iron ore in Koytendag.demir ýol duralgasyrailway stopdemir ýol stansiýasyrailway stationdemir-betoncomp.reinforced concrete
demirgazyknnorthdemirgazyk öwüşgininorthern lights