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bedren1bucketSuwy bedre bilen guýudan daşamaly.You have to get water out of a well with a bucket2rubbish binBrit3trash canAmer
begnrich man, ruleri.e. a khanÖlini sylasaň beg bolarsyň. Dirini sylasaň baý bolarsyňsay.If you respect the dead you will become a ruler. If you respect the living you will become rich.
begençn1joy, gladnessJoram Angliýa gidende gynanjagymy ýa-da begenjegimi bilmedim.When my friend went to England I didn't know whether to be sad or to rejoice.2Begenchboy's name
begendirmekvto make glad/happy, cause joyBu habar ony örän begendirdi.This news made him very happy.
begenmekvto rejoice, be glad, be happyAgamdan hat alyp begendim.I was very happy to receive a letter from my older relative.
behiştbehi:ştnheaven, paradiseÝatan ýeri ýagty bolsun, jaýy behiştiň törinden bolsun.May your resting place be light, may you be in heaven's most honoured place.
bejerginworking, cultivation
bejerilmekv1to be repaired, be fixedbejerilen maşyna repaired car2to be worked, cultivatedBejerilen ekin gowy hasyl getirýär.Cultivated land produces a good crop.
bejermekv1to repair, fixMen radiony bejerdim.I fixed the radio.2to work, cultivateýer bejermekto work the land, to till the soil3to treat someone, to healOl meniň oglumy keselden bejerýär.He is treating my son's illness.4to cut, styleÖz saçymy bejerýärinI cut my own hair.
bejertmekv1to have something fixed, to have something repairedMen düýn maşynymy bejertdim.I got my car fixed yesterday.2to cultivate (via someone else), to organise the cultivation of (a piece of land)Biz ýerleri tiz bejertmeli.We must cultivate the land quickly.
bekemekcfberkemekv1to harden, become hard, get firmly establishedzähmete bekän adama man used to hard work2to get stronger, improveÝaş sportçy kem-kemden bekeýär.Young sportsmen gradually get stronger.
beklemekv1to waitMen söýýän gyzymy köp bekledim.I waited ages for my girlfriend2to turn offýoly beklemekto shut the roadOl gaz turbasyny bekledi.He turned off the gas supply.agyz fast, keep the fastOraza aýynda agyz beklemek uly sogap.To fast in the month of Ramadan is a very good deed.
belabela:ncalamity, misfortune, disasterbeladan gutulmakto be saved from disastertebigy belanatural disasterbela ýalycomp.sharpBela ýaly bolup, her kyn meseleden baş alyp çykýar.If you are sharp you can escape any difficult problem.belanyň körügiunspec. comp. formthe source of the problem
belentadjtall, high, loftybelent baýyrhigh hillbelent ymarattall buildingTürkmenistanyň hazirki belent ymaratlary meni geň galdyrdy.I was surprised at the number of high buildings in Turkmenistan.Toýda ilki bilen söz berilen, kakamyň jygysy belent mertebeli Çary kakam boldy.The first person to say something at the wedding was my father's younger brother the highly respected Uncle Chary.belent magsatlarlofty aims
belentliknheight, altitudedag belentliklerimountain heightsŞäher belentlikde ýerleşýär.The city is situated high in the mountains.
beletadjfamiliar, acquainted(with)Bu ýerlere men belet.I know this area.Biz oňa belet.We know him.
belgicfnomerölçeglisansanyn1mark, signToýa berilýän gap - çanaklaryň düýbüne belgi goýulýar.The dishes lent for a wedding are marked under their base.ýol belgileriroad signs2symbolkartanyň ýüzündäki belgilersymbols on the mapdyngy belgilericomp.npunctuationgrammatical
belkiadjmaybe, perhaps; probablyBelki, myhmanlary agşama çagyrarys?Perhaps we should invite the guests this evening?
bellemekv1to appoint, choosewezipe bellemekto appoint to a responsible positionKärhanamyza täze başlyk bellendi.Our work-place has had a new boss appointed.2to celebrate, remember, mark the occasionDoglan günümi bellemek üçin dogan-garyndaşlary çagyrdym.I invited my relatives so as to celebrate my birthday.
bellenen ugurcfmarşrutfixed route
bellenmekbel:enmekvto be appointed, chosenToý bellenen güni boldy.The day appointed as the wedding day arrived.Ol wezipe bellenmek bilen özüni tanatdy.After he had been appointed to a high position he changed (into a bad person).
bellärlikliadjremarkableOlaryň kesel dörediji mikroorganizmleri ýok etmek ukyby bellärliklidir.Their ability to destroy germ-carrying micro-organisms is remarkable.
belliadj1famous, well-knownbelli maglumatwell-known informationbelli maglumat artistwell-known actorGünüň çykjagy belli.We know that the sun rises every day.2definite, certainDermany belli wagtda içmeli.You have to take this medicine at certain times of the day.belli bahasy ýokcomp.pricelessbelli derejedecomp.well-known statusbellisini decide something
belli, anykcfreal