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bezegndecoration, adornment, ornament; beautygymmar bahaly bezeglervaluable ornamentsTürkmen halysy öýüň bezegi.Turkmen rugs make one's home beautiful.
bezemek1vto decorate, dress upDurmuşa çykýan gyzy örän owadan bezediler.They dressed up the girl who was getting married very beautifully.Adamy zähmet bezeýär.comp.Work makes an honest man.
bezenmekvto dress up, smarten (oneself) upOl gowy bezendi.He smartened himself up.Kiçi jigim bezenmegi gowy gorýär.My little sister likes doing her make up and dressing herself up.
interjohBä, munuň gowudygyny!Oh, how good that is!
bäbeknbaby, small babyTürkmenlerde bäbek kyrk çileden çykmaka azan okaýarlar.Before a baby goes out after his forty days they name the baby.Turkmen don't show the baby to others for forty days. The baby is kept at home. Before the baby goes out someone names the baby by saying 'your name is ....' 3 times.
bäbekhanabäbekha:nanorphanage for babies, foundling home
bäbeneknpupilGöz lukmanynyň ýanyna baryp, bäbenegimi görkezdim.I went to the eye doctor and showed him my pupil.eye
bägülnrose bush, roseGülleriň içinde owadany bägül.The rose is the most beautiful flower.
bähbitbähbi:tnbenefit, profit, good, use; interestumumy bähbit üçinfor the common goodbiriniň bähbidi üçinfor somebody's good, in order to do a favour for someonebäbit bola!comp.Oh well, it doesn't matter!Her iş bolsun, bähbit bolsun.May each work be for the common good.After e.g. losing a lot of money.
bähbitlibähbi:tliadjadvantageous, profitable, remunerative, usefulBarymyz üçin bähbitli iş.An advantageous work for us all.
bäripost1from, sinceOl ýedi aý bäri Türkmenistanda ýaşaýar eken.He has been living in Turkmenistan for 7 months.2herebäri gelcome here please3this side (of)poçtanyň bärisindethis side of the post officebäri get betterafter an illness
bärikbäri:kadvhereBärik gel!Come here!Bärik girmek üçin ýörite rugsat gerek.In order to come in here you need special permission.motion towards
bäsvovercomegazabyňa bäs gelmeknot be able to control one's anger
bäsdeşnrival, competitorbäsdeş ýaşlaryoung competitors
bäsdeşliknrivalry, competitionbäsdeşlik etmekto compete (with in), rival (in)
bäsleşmekvto compete (with in) rival (in)bäsleşip işlemekto compete at work
bäşnumfiveMusa pygamber bäş kitap ýazdy.The prophet Moses wrote five books.Called the Töwrat (Torah).bäş barmagy ýaly know everything about something
bäşinji günnFriday
bäşlikn1five, number five (bus, etc.)2an A (grade), a firstbäşlik baha alýarsyňmy?Are you getting top grades?Okuwgy taryh sapagyndan bäşlik aldy.The pupil got an A for history.3five (pound/manat, etc.) note, a fiverBäşlik alýarsyňmy?Will you take a fiver?
biabraýbia:braýadjdisgraceful, shamefulbiabraý bolmakto disgrace oneself, be covered with shamebiabraý etmekto disgrace, discredit, defame
biagyrylykbia:gyrylyknlight-heartedness, carelessness, 'no worries'