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asudaa:su:daadjpeaceful, peaceable, quiet, calmasuda durmuşquiet lifeasuda uklamakpeaceful sleep, uninterrupted sleep
asudalyka:su:dalyknpeace, calm, tranquillityasudalygy bozmakbreach of the peace
asyl11nethnic origin, backgroundSeniň aslyň kim?What is your ethnic origin?2adjoriginal, core, central, mainasyl manycentral meaning
asyl2conjunctiondefinitelyAsyl ol ogry ekeni.He is definitely the thief.
asyllyadjnoble, well-bred, well brought-upasylly maşgalaa well-bred familyasylly metallarprecious metals
asyllylyknnobility; good upbringing
asylmakv1to be hung, be onasylgy duran egin-eşikclothes that have been hung2to grab hold ofÇagalar ýüpden asylyp oýnadylar.The children are playing grab the rope.
asylzadaasylza:dannoble, nobleman
n1foodAşy ýok oraza tutar.One who has no food will keep the fast.2mealMen aş içdim.I have eaten noodles.aş saý have a cravingduring the first trimester of pregnancyaşa düş over-eat, gorge oneself, eat so much of something that one gets indigestion Sygyrymyz köp iýim iýip aşa düşdi.Our cow got indigestion from eating too much fodder.
aşaa:şaadjtoo muchaşa köp gürlemekto laugh too much
aşagyaşa:gyadjdeep down
aşakaşa:kpost1below, underJaýyň aşagy ýumrulyp başlapdyr.The house foundation is starting to deteriorate.2belowSowuk noldan aşak düşdi.The cold (temperatures) will fall below zero.aşak gaçmakto drop, fall down3underneath, downAşak tarapdan ýel öwüsýär.There's a draft underneath.aşak seretmekto look down4beloweýwanyň aşagyndathe entrance is below5Westaşakky (aşakdaky)comp.postlower, downaşakky kitaby almakto pick up the book which is lower downaýak aşagyndacomp.on foot
aşaklamakaşa:klamakv1to come down, descend, landGün aşaklady.The sun has sunk below the horizon.2to lower, dropLomaý söwdada harydyň bahasý aşaklaýar.The wholesale price of goods has dropped.
aşaklatmakaşa:klatmakvto lower, let down; cutbahalary aşaklatmakto cut prices
aşaklygynaaşa:klygynaadjdown, downwardsdepeden aşaklygyna togalanmakto roll (somersault) down the hill
aşgabatlyadjfrom Ashgabat
aşgazanaşga:zann1stomach2food pot
aşhanaaşha:nan1kitchenaşhanadan naharyň ysy gelýärthe smell of dinner is coming from the kitchen2restaurant, café, canteen, kebab standIşçiler günortanlyk edinmek üçin aşhanada jemlendiler.In order for the workers to have lunch, they gathered in the canteen.
aşmaka:şmakvto go over
aşpezncook, chef
aşyka:şyknloveraşyk bolmakto fall in love
aşyrmaka:şyrmakvto convey, transport to, take acrossdagdan aşyrmakto take across the mountains