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arzanarza:nadjcheap, inexpensiveYsmanak tomusda arzan.Spinach is cheap in the summer.
arzançylykarza:nçylykncheapness, low price
arzanlamakarza:nlamakvto become cheaper, fall in price, reduce in price
arzanlatmakarza:nlatmakvto discount something, reduce the price of something, make something cheaper
arzuwnwish, dream, aspiration; desirearzuw etmekto wish, dreamMen size bagtly durmuş arzuw edýärin.I wish you a blessed life.
arzuwlamakvto wish
arzyly1nrespectability2adjrespectable ; welcome, dear
asfaltas'faltntarmac, asphaltasfalt düşemekto tarmac, lay asphalt
asgyçn1coat-hanger, coat-hook, coat-rackgeýim asgyçclothes hanger2tab, hook
asgynlamakvto grow weak, weaken
asgyrmakvto sneeze
aslaasla:advat allMen asla beýle söz diýmedim.I didn't say that word at all.
aslyndaadjin general, generally, on the wholeOl aslynda gowy adam.He is a good guy/good person.
aslyýetn1origin, beginnings2race, stock
asmakvto hang upboýnuňdan monjuk asmakto adorn one's neck with beadsdardan hang someone from the gallowsgulak listento listen, obey
asmanasma:nnsky, heaven
aspirantaspi'rantnpost-graduate student
assaadvslowly, calmlyassa ýöremekto walk slowly
assyrynassyry:nadvsecretly, stealthily, covertlyassyryn soramakask covertlyassyryn iş görmekto try to do something secretly
assyrynlykassyry:nlyknsecret, covert
astpostunderstoluň astyndaunder the table