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arlya:rlyadjlongarly gyşa long winter
arlyknswaddling clothes
armaka:rmakvto be exhausted, be tired, be worn outarman işlemekto work without tiringişden armakto be exhausted from workArma(ň)!comp.cfBar bol(uň)!unspec. comp. form ofbarHow's it going?Greeting when entering a workplace. See Bar bol(uň)! for the reply.
armanarma:nn1unrealised goal, unfulfilled dreamUniwersiteti gutarsam, mende arman ýok.If I finish university, I'll have no further unfulfilled dreams.2what a pity (that), what a shame (that)Arman kompýuterim döwüldi, onda işimi berjaý ederdim.It's a shame my computer has broken, otherwise I would have been able to finish my work.arman ç regret
arrykadjskinny, thin
arryklamakvto lose weight, get thin
arta:rtadjback, rearart aýakhind leg
artdyrmakvto increase, enlarge
artistar'tistnactor, actress
artmakv1to increase, grow up; to produce an excessGirdeji çykdajydan artdy.The income is larger than the expenses.2to peel, take off excessGyşda ýoluň garyny artmaly.In winter, snow must be cleared off the streets.
artyk1***too much, much more, (in) excessartyk goş-golamtoo many things2***very goodBu iş meniň üçin artyk.This work is extraneous for me.Ol Maýany Jemaldan artyk söýýär.He loves Maya more than he loves Jemal.
artykmaçn1unnecessary, extra; freeartykmaç orunfree place2extremelyartykmaç owadan gyzextremely beautiful girlartykmaç gürrüňcomp.gossip, unfounded talk
arwahnghost, dead spirit, soularwah appeal to your soulEle düşse, zyba perizat gyzy, arwahyň almasa, ýakmaz owazy.If you end up with an angelically beautiful woman but she doesn't appeal to your soul, her voice won't sound pleasant to you.
aryn1beebal aryhoney bee2wasp
aryka:rykndrainage ditch
aryşnSeventh Heavenarşa ýetmekto go to the heightsthe highest circle of heavenreligiousarşa praise
arzn1complaintarz etmekto complain. lodge a complaint2appealarz etmekto appeal
arzanstatement, declaration, applicationarza bermekto hand in a written application