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arabacffurgonn1cart, wagonat arabahorse and cartsöweş arabachariot2carel arabacomp.cfkolýaskapram, pushchair, stroller
arabaglanyşyka:raba:glanyşyknconnection, tie, bond, correlation
arabakeşncart driver
ArabystannArabiaSaud ArabystanSaudi Arabia
araçäka:raçäknborder, frontier
araçäkçia:raçäkçinborder guard, frontier guard
aradaa:radaadvrecentlyMen arada Gözeli gördüm - görenime bir aý boldy.I have seen Gozel recently - it's been about a month.approximately within one week to a month; not same day
aradana:radanconjunctionafter this
aragatnaşyka:ragatnaşykn1relationship, tie, bond, correlationdostluk aragatnaşygyfriendly termsözara aragatnaşykmutual relations2communication, connectionaragatnaşyk ministrligithe ministry of communicationtransport aragatnaşygytransport connectionsaragatnaşyk erbet.The (phone) connection is bad.elektro-aragatnaşyk bölümitelegraph officearagatnaşyk saklamakto maintain relationsaragatnaşyk bölümicomp.cfaragatnaşyk bükjalarcomp. ofaragatnaşykpoçtapost officearagatnaşyk bölüminiň işgäricomp.postmanaragatnaşyk bükjalarcomp.cfaragatnaşyk bölümicomp. ofaragatnaşykpoçtaletters, post, mail
aragatnaşyk işgäri, hat-pet gatnadýancfpoçtalýon
aragatnaşykçya:ragatnaşykçynsignaller, communications engineer, radio operator
arakn1vodka, liquor2alcoholarak sabynhousehold soap
arakesmea:rakesmenbreak, intermissionarakasme etmekto have a break, take a break
aralamaka:ralamakvto separateuruşýanlary aralato separate the fighting peopleOl sakgalyny barmaklary bilen aralady.He is growing a beard (long enough to comb through).
aralaşmaka:ralaşmakvto enter, for someone or something to make his/her/its way throughBiz şähere aralaşdyk.We are trickling into the city.Ümsümlik aralaşdy.A silence fell.Ýüregime howsala aralaşdy.I have started to get anxious.
aralyka:ralykndistanceuzak / ýakyn aralyklong / short distancearalyk ýerin between
arama:ramadj1moderatearam klimattemperate climatearam ýel öwüsýärmoderate breeze2calm, tranquilaram tapmakcalm down, become tranquil
aram-arama:ram-a:ramadvsometimes, at times
aramaka:ramakv1to separate2to choose, distinguishbähbit aramakto look after one's own interests3to look for, search forbahana aramakto look for an excusepursat aramakcomp.for the right moment to come
arap1nArab2adjArab, Arabic, Arabianarap dilithe Arabic languagesaud arap diliSaudi Arabian language
arapçanArabicarapça geplemekspeak Arabic
arassaadj1clean; good; pureIçimlik suw arassa bolmaly.Drinking water must be clean.arassa ýüňden dokalanpure wool (knitted)arassa altynpure goldarassa howaclean airarassa asmanclear sky2innocentçaga ýaly arassainnocent as a child3tidy