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aňlatmaka:ňlatmakv1to mean, express, convey meaningNäme etmeli däldigini çaga aňlatmak gerek.It is necessary to explain to a child what not to do.2to stand for, signifyÝol belgileri bir duýduryşy aňladýar.Traffic signs signify danger.
aňmaka:ňmakvto realise, understand; guess
aňrujyaňru:jyadvthe slightest possibility
aňryadjother side, opposite side, over (there)derýanyň aňry ýüziother side of the riveraňyrda oturto sit over thereaňryňa il be full
aňrykaňry:kadvthere (motion away)
aňryýanyaňryýa:nypostto the utmost (of one's ability)
aňsatlaşdyrmakaňsa:tlaşdyrmakvto simplify, make something easier
aňsatlaşmakaňsa:tlaşmakvto be simplified, become easier
aňşyrmaka:ňşyrmakvto understand, guess, make out
aňtamakvto seek, search out, follow[Ol]... öz pişesinden el çekmedi, edil biwagt awa çykan awçy ýaly gije-gündiz küreniň üstünde gaýmalap, pida aňtady ýördi. [He]... didn't stop working, one time being just like a hunter going out to hunt night and day soaring on top of a brick oven, he would continually search for a sacrifice.
aňyradjother side, opposite side, over (there)derýanyň aňry ýüziother side of the riveraňyrda oturto sit over thereaňyrdanfrom over thereaňyrsy-bärsi ýokcomp.infinite, boundless
aňzakadjfrostyaňzak howafrosty weatheraňzakly ýelbiting wind
apalamaka:pa:lamakvto cherish
apata:patadvmisfortune, mishap
apparatappa'ratcfenjamn1appliance, apparatus, devicefoto apparatcamera2apparatus, machineryhowpsuzlyk apparatysecurity servicespolitical
ara:rnrevenge, vengeancear almakto take revenge, pay someone back
ar-namysa:r-na:mysnhonour, dignity, conscience
ara1a:rapostbetween, amongAraňyzda öýleneniňiz ýokmy?Aren't there any among you who are married?Jeren bilen Gözeliň arasynda hiç hili syr ýok.Jeren and Goezel have no secrets between them.
ara2a:ran1distance, interval, spaceara alyp maslahatlaşmakto discuss togetherarany kesgitlemekto define the distanceIki dagyň arasyndan derýa akýar.In between the two mountains flows a river.Aşgabat bilen Parijiň arasy 4991 km.The distance between Ashgabat and Paris is 4,991 km.aradan çykmakto pass on, no longer be with us2relation, relationshipBiziň olar bilen aramyz ýok.We have no relationship with them.Ol bet işden ara açdy.He left that bad work situation.ara alyp maslahatlaşmakto discuss a question togetherarasyny kesmekto end a friendshiparasyny sazlamakto develop a friendshipara tow düşmekto divide a friendship (3rd party breaks it up)arany aç break off relations with