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aýakcftormozn1legHaýwanlar dört aýakda gezýärler.Animals walk on four legs.aýak aldygyna gaçmakto sprint, run at full speedaýagyny ýer tutmak1. To start to walk 2. To start to get some income.oturgyjyň aýagy örän berkthe stool legs are very sturdy2footaýagyňy dürs basmakto walk correctly (lit. and fig.)aýaga galmakto stand on one's own two feetaýak asty bolmakbottom of foot, under foot3endGyş aýaklady. fi:litWinter is ending.Derýanyň aýagy deňze direýär.The river finishes at the sea.aýaga düş be luckyAýagyny bas!comp.Brake!aýagyňy cut off relationsaýak bagy get in the way (of someone doing something), to opposeaýak çekmekcomp.1to stop, wait2to stopaýak sekmekto walk, to goaýak üstündento come and go quickly, to rush offaýaga çolaşmakto hang around someone's legs, bother themaýagyňy ýazmakto stretch out and restaýak refuse to budgeaýak depip durmakto put one's foot down (ie, not willing to change one's mind, to insist)aýak goş march in step; to catch up with someone (learn the ropes)aýak ýalaňaçbarefootaýak ýoluna ç spend a penny (go to the toilet)aýak bitmekto begin to learn to walk
aýakgapaýakga:pnfootwear, shoes
aýaklamakvto come to an end
aýalaýa:ln1woman, femaleaýal dogan[married] sisterowadan aýalbeautiful womanAn aýal is always a married woman, and a gyz, by contrast, unmarried2wifeöý hojalykçy aýalhousewifeAdamyň iň ýakyn ýoldaşy -- aýaly.A man's best friend is his wife.
aýamakv1to spare, let offUruşda ýaşlary aýaýarlar.Spare the youths from going to war.2to take careköwüşiňi aýato take care of one's shoesSaglygy aýamak gerek.One must guard one's health.köwşüňi aýamakto take care of one's shoes3to guardEsgerler watanyny aýap saklaýarlar.The soldiers keep guard over our country.Ene çagasyny aýap saklaýar.A mother protects her own children.Nanyny aýan aşa ýeter, donuny aýan toýasay.If you guard your food you will be well-off, if you guard you cloth you will have something with which to celebrate (i.e. watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves). (Proverb)
aýanaýa:nadjclear, understoodOnuň pikiri maňa aýan boldy.It became clear to me what he was thinking.aýan bolmakcomp.vto become clear, be revealedaýan etmekcomp.vto reveal, make clear
aýanlykaýa:nlykn1divine revelation2clarity
aýata:ýatnverse; a passage of scriptureGurhanyň aýatlaryverses from the Qur'an
aýat okamaka:ýat okamakvto prayprayer at a Hudaý ýoly (wake)
aýat-töwwirnthe scriptures
aýba-aýa:ýba-a:ýadvmonthly, every month
aýdylmakcfaýtmakvto be said, be pronounced
aýdylyşn1pronunciationBu sözüň aýdylyşy ýalňyş.This word is pronounced wrong.2accentHytaý diliniň aýdylyşy türkmen diliniň aýdylyşyndan kyn.The Chinese accent is harder than the Turkmen accent.3statement, what is said
aýdymnsongtürkmen halk aýdymlaryTurkmen folk songsaýdym aýtmaksing a song
aýdymsazlyadjwith singing and dancing
aýdyňa:ýdyňadj1brightaýdyň görnüşbright visible2clearOnuň ýalançydygy aýdan sözünden aýdyň görnüp dur.It is clear through his speech that he is a liar.aýdyň pikirclear meaning
aýdyňlaşdyrmaka:ýdyňlaşdyrmakvto clarify, specify, define more exactly, clear up
aýdyş bermekto perform a song
aýdyşmakvto discuss
aýgytnboldness, courage, audacity