barmak1 barmak 1 v 1to go, to head in the direction (of) Nirä barýarsyň? Where are you heading? dükana baryp gaýtmak üçin biraz wagt gerek. You need a bit of time to go to the shop and back. Geçen hepde men diş lukmanyň ýanyna bardym. Last week I went to the dentist’s. 2to arrive at, reach, attain, approach Sapaga giç barmak gowy däl. It’s bad to turn up late for a lesson. 3to succeed in understanding 4to result, end in 5to approximate, to have almost done something gutaryp barmak to be almost finished Biziň işimiz ilerläp barýar. Our work is heading in a good direction. sowlup barmak to pop into somewhere else on the way

Bar, işiňe git! (comp.) Mind your own business! Get lost!

Çagyrylmadyk ýeriňe barma, çagyrlan ýeriňden galma (say.) Don’t go where you haven’t been invited, don’t stay long where you have

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